I wanna know...

Must I purchase my ticket ahead of time or can I just show up?

In order to best manage each tour, all tickets must be purchased in advance. You will have up to 2 hours before the tour to purchase your ticket, as long as it does not sell out. Tours sell out quickly, so check the calendar here for current open times.

Will you take cash?

All tours must be booked and paid for in advance with a major Credit Card. Private tours may be booked with cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo arrangements made in advance. Please email me directly for more information.

Do you have waiting lists for sold out tours?

There are no waiting lists for my tours, however I can sometimes accommodate additional requests. Please call or email me directly to let me know when you're interested and I will see what I can arrange, if anything.

Are there different kinds of tickets for your tours, IE: Children vs Adults?

This will depend on the tour. Most offer children's pricing and adults, but some can't be changed due to the nature of the tour.

There is no charge for babies that will not require tastings. But, please be advised if anyone in the group becomes a nuisance to the others, parents may be asked to take their children off of the tour without a refund.

Are the Fun Foodie tours appropriate for children?

I believe all of my public tours are all appropriate for families, but I ask that you use your judgement when considering bringing your children. All are WALKING tours of 2-3 hours with up to a mile and a half of walking and I cannot predict whether or not we'll have any seating for our stops. Children requiring strollers should be discussed with the guide ahead of booking.

Are the tours run in bad weather?

The tours are held through ALMOST all types of weather. I’m not going to run a tour which no one can make it to (should public transit get shut down), nor would I put anyone’s life in danger. There is a significant amount of walking that will be required on all tours, so you should dress appropriately with that in mind. Unless it’s due to a travel restriction, general weather concerns will not be considered for refunds, but if you are a local I may be able to reschedule. Before purchasing tickets please be aware of the possible weather conditions for that time of year.

What should I wear on a tour?

Wear whatever you would like, but I would suggest that you wear GOOD COMFORTABLE walking shoes, and layers, given the seasons and the walking.

Here's a link to some general weather conditions you may want to consider throughout the year. I usually check on NY1 to get a good idea about current temperatures.

Are gratuities included in the ticket price?

Gratuities are not included in your ticket, and are greatly appreciated.

What is the standard rate for gratuities?

If you enjoyed your tour then anything extra, to show your thankfulness, is appreciated--especially if you give me a review! A standard rate for gratuities in NYC is similar to that of a restaurant, at around 15-20%. But more importantly, if you had a good time, please tell all of your friends and give me a review here or on the site with which you booked the tour! I also take hugs!

What can I expect on a Fun Foodie Tour?

Generally, the tours will run about 2 - 3 hours. Depending on the amount of people on the tour, out and about in the streets, and a variety of other factors, they could be slightly shorter or slightly longer. We will be covering history of the area, some background on the foods that we sample, as well as the stories about the vendors. For the most part,  I will not take you to places that you can find outside of New York, as there's not fun in that for either of us. Keep your mind open to try new things, even if you don't eat them all, and your eyes open for the many sights that we'll see. Although I will try to offer tours during the least peak times I can, we may at times be dodging through crowds at one point or another, so please keep an eye on your guide.

What do you mean by walking tour? Will we be on our feet the whole time?

For the most part, yes. If we're able to sit, we will, but it will not always be an option. New York City is a walking city, because of this I feel the best way to explore it is by foot-to-pavement contact. I've driven a car only once, when I was 18, in college in a supermarket parking lot. Which is why I do best when I’m on my feet, because that’s what I know. Please come well-rested and HUNGRY!

How many people will be on the tours?

Tours will vary from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 16. Every once in a while, I might be able to accommodate another person or two, but any groups larger than that would be private tours and more than one guide would be required, so please contact me if you would like to book a larger group tour.

Will I be full after your tour? How much will we eat?

My goal is always to be sure that you end the tour full. However, sometimes people have a larger appetite than I can anticipate, and if I'm not told of dietary restrictions or preferences ahead of time, you might miss out on some of the stops. I will try to make sure that we get to sample 6-8 things along the way, but what we have might differ depending on vendor availability. I definitely wouldn't recommend eating within 3-4 hours of the tour ahead of time--as not all of our tastings will be good to save for later, so you want to make sure you have room. If, for some reason, you're not full at the end of the tour, I am always happy to make restaurant recommendations for further consumption!

What are the stops on the tour?

If you look at the Tours page you will see a list of possible food samples you will have on the tour. I will email a map to all with our stops, after the tour, so you know where we went and how you can find the stops again, if you'd like.

Will there be any beverages served on the tours?

Most of the tours include at least one beverage sample, sometimes 2, and I'm often able to provide water from the vendors, but I strongly urge you to bring a bottle of water for your own consumption as I cannot guarantee that the vendors will be able to provide any.

Will there be alcoholic beverages served on the tour?

None of the current public tours include alcohol pairings. But some of the stops may have opportunities to purchase alcoholic beverages on your own. If you're of legal age and are able to do so along the way, please do keep in mind the open container laws of our city that do not permit you to openly drink alcohol on the streets. You may be asked by the vendor to provide ID if you appear under the age of 35, under accordance to NY State law. If you would like a customized tour to include them, please contact me directly.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or food allergies?

I have a variety of friends and family members with different restrictions for different reasons, and so I’m very sensitive to guests with these issues. I am happy to do my best to find you alternatives to what we typically offer. Just keep in mind, that if I don’t know ahead of the tour (24 hours at least is best), then I cannot promise that I can make substitutions. Also, you may have samples that come from different vendors, but I will try to keep with the theme of the tour as much as possible.

Serious and life-threatening food allergies?

If your allergies are very serious, meaning that you would require an epi-pen or visit to a hospital should you come into contact with said item, please contact me directly BEFORE purchasing tickets for the tour.

Are your tours wheelchair-and/or stroller-accessible?

After an injury to my ankle in March, 2015, I've become much more sympathetic to those requiring assistance from wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, crutches, etc. I'm working towards making all of my tours more accommodating, and would be happy to adjust any of them to your needs. Please contact me ahead of time so we can come up with the best plan of action.

Do you offer tours in any other language than English?

Sadly, I only speak very basic French and Spanish, which means I can only lead tours in English. If you would like to bring an interpreter, please contact me directly to make arrangements. I also have some colleagues, I may be able to hire to accommodate other language needs.

Are pets allowed on the tours?

Pets of any kind are not allowed on any tours, because we will be visiting various food establishments, that are not allowed to have them present.

Is the tour only for Tourists or would a New Yorker enjoy it as well?

I pride myself on offering new bits of information to even the most well-educated New Yorker, including my Mother, who's been a guide for over 20 years. Food tours are great for people of all backgrounds and relationships to this city. Whether you've lived here all your life, or it's your first time visiting, as long as you like to eat, you're going to have a good time! Trust me, I've had some tough New Yorkers on my tours and they've always left happy! Don't take my word for it though, check out some of my reviews!

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, gift certificates are the perfect treat for the food lover in your life! Please contact me directly for more information.

What if I want to put together a private/custom tour?

My love for creating these tours was one of the biggest reasons I left the company that I was previously working for. I am happy to create a custom tour for any event/neighborhood/group/food theme, etc. Please contact me directly to start working on your tour today! There are no minimums in # of people, and the maximum # will change depending on the complexity of the tour (12-16 people per guide). If needed, we may be able to discuss adding more guides for your group.

Is there parking available nearby?

Each tour has a different meeting point, and there is likely a nearby lot to park in. But it may be expensive, and traffic could cause you to be late for the start time, so public transportation will be your best bet.

Are there restrooms along the tour?

There will be opportunities for restrooms along the way. Your guide will inform you when toilets are available and also how long it will likely be until the next one. However, it is advised that you make use of any facilities you can before the start time of the tour.

Can we shop on the tour?

This will depend on the tour and the size of the group, larger tours will usually not have too much time to get shopping in. The Holiday Tour, however does have some shopping time built into the tour!