The Food is Fun in Harlem


Harlem's history is as wild and complex as the city itself. Let's pay this neighborhood it's due, as we walk a mile through Center of it all, exploring its history while we delight in its food.

We'll cover more ground than our feet carry us, traveling through time and culture and cuisine. We'll taste the flavors that were created here as well as those that have been re-imagined.

With restaurants as varied as its residents and art at every corner, this is the best way to get your fill of Harlem, whether you're a local or just visiting.

Depending on time of day, day of the week and size of the group, some of the samples we may include will be:

  • Harlem-spun Bagel
  • More Than a Pretty Cupcake
  • Classic Chicken Wings
  • Surprising Jewish Pastry
  • Worldly Teas

We'll start at the crossroads opening onto Harlem, with the last extension of Central Park, and a tribute to the late, great, Frederick Douglass. 
We'll stroll along my favorite park, called Morningside, and fill our mouths with French, American, African, and Israeli eats until we reach Ms. Tubman.