A little history on the Upper West Side--where I grew up!

A little history on the Upper West Side--where I grew up!

The goal of my tours is to take you on a culinary adventure while giving you some history about the neighborhoods we visit and the food we taste. If I've done my job by the end of the tour, your hunger will be sated and your brain a tad more filled, with a smile on your face!

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I'm working on new tours all the time and sometimes they're limited runs! So, please contact me directly to be placed on my mailing list or to see about doing a Private Tour. I'm happy to customize a tour for any group, regardless of age or diet.

My only real restriction, is that unless you have a translator...you should probably be close to fluent in English, as my other languages are at the very basic levels.

Current Tours:

Falling For Hell's Thailand

Fall in New York is a great time of uncertainty. You could hit 40 degrees in September or 90 degrees in October! For that reason I find myself consistently craving Thai food this time of year, And over the last few years, the historic and world-famous, Hell's Kitchen has become the go-to spot for good Thai food in Manhattan. And in addition to all those coconut curries and satay sticks, there's a wide selection of other cuisines, including those that reflect the history of the neighborhood. We'll get to sample a little of everything with an emphasis on Thai, all while taking in the sights and sounds of fall and the history of this former gangland.

Future Tours Available for Purchase:

Festive Food & Holiday Fun in Midtown

Gosh I love the spirit of the Holidays! And the scents and tastes and lights! Heck I love it all! And in New York, we KNOW how to put on a good holiday show to ignite all of your senses! Explore the decadence of our holiday passion through your taste buds, eyeballs and nostrils...did I just get gross and Halloweeny? You know what I mean! It's fun for the whole family...and maybe you'll get some of your gift shopping done too!

Previous Tours:

Winter Wander Feast Around Bryant Park

The thought of walking around in winter may not seem as appealing as some of the other seasons, but it's good to get that blood pumping, and fresh air is still good for the body even when it's cold! Plus what other season gives reason to indulge in some of our thick and creamy favorites, like a rich hot chocolate or savory soup sensation? Trust me--you'll like this!

The Food is Fun in Harlem

I may have grown up on the Upper West Side, but for over 10 years, I've made Harlem my home, and I am eating very well because of it! We'll taste the flavors that were created here as well as those that have been reimagined. With restaurants as varied as its residents and art at every corner, this is the best way to get your fill of Harlem, whether you're a local or just visiting.

DUMBO Street Eats

Our sidewalk eats have come a LONG way from the days of street meat vendors with questionable offerings! Today's selection is quite vast, and sometimes daunting...not to mention how difficult it can be to track down your favorite mobile vendors! Well fret no more! We'll kick off your weekend with a full Friday afternoon where we'll try a variety of tastes from some of the city's best trucks and we'll explore the best ways to find your fix when you're craving some of the wheely goodness! Come hungry...cuz these trucks aren't known for their diet fare!

Spring Up to the The West Side

Ahhh Spring! The smell of it, the feel of it, the look of it and the tastes of it! It's my favorite season--how about you? Before the temperature hits the highs of our hot & humid summers, let's leisurely explore my native Upper West Side and all of the new culinary offerings that are screaming of spring! A little refreshment on the tongue and perhaps a light breeze in the air, you, me, your friends--we'll all love this tour!

Cool Down on Court Street

"Hot town summer in the City" indeed! Let's get out of the heat of midtown and explore a more quaint and heat forgiving neighborhood that's minutes from Manhattan, but feels more like miles! This great immigrant neighborhood has a smorgasbord of delectability on offer, from old Italian markets to upscale new twists on ice cream. And if you come with me, I'll share it with you on a lovely walk of this popular Brooklyn nabe! I was sold on my first visit and I know that you will be too! Get that metrocard out and say goodbye to your family--you might not want to leave!

On Hiatus:

Eating up El Barrio

The seasons in this city look different in every neighborhood. If you're looking for flavor and flair, then you can always be guaranteed a good time in East Harlem. This area is full of rich cultural history with a variety of bites to eat, sights to see and especially music to dance to! Come summer time the locals love to play in the streets. Let's move on up to the East Side to a DElightful tour in the sky--or 'hood, rather!