Falling for Hell's Thailand

Falling for Hell's Thailand

Hell's Kitchen is famous for many things, with a rich immigrant history and a location between the heart of Times Square and the Hudson River Piers, there's a lot on offer here--especially for a hungry traveler!

This 2.5-hour walking tour will cover the history of the neighborhood and the residents who've shaped it--from the Irish working class that built its foundation to the gang activity  that inspired both the name of the nabe and a world-renowned Musical to the artists who have continued to be able to live their dream through unique housing that's federally subsidized. Given its centrality, it's a popular destination for natives and tourists alike, which means that food is plentiful!

9th Avenue has become such a destination for a variety of world cuisines, that it's where you'll find the annual International Food Festival Street Fair (one of the oldest in the city). Some of the international tastes we'll delight in, will be:

  • Greek Pastries

  • Irish Pub Fare

  • Cajun-Style Cooking

  • 2-3 Different Thai Items

  • NYC Original Dessert

Over the last few years, the number of Thai restaurants has increased tremendously, which is why we'll have a few Thai items on this tour. The beautiful thing about Thai food is how perfectly changeable it is, with offerings that are comforting for cooler fall days, as well as those that are more refreshing for a warmer autumn wandering, and if you know fall in New York, it's always changing!

Had a fun afternoon walking and eating through part of Hell’s Kitchen with Adrienne. I was born and raised in NYC but didn’t know that much about this neighborhood. I’m in the food industry as well so I was interested in doing this tour and learning about this new hot area. All the stops we went to were delicious and unique. I loved all the bits of history and stories about the businesses and owners along the way. Highly recommended!
— Yelp