Winter Wander Feast Around Bryant Park

Winter Wander Feast

I know how hard it is to leave the warmth of your home/office/hotel room during our crazy New York City winter weather...BUT you're missing out if you stay in! There's so much to see, do and taste in New York, throughout ALL seasons. We'll check out some of the most beautiful and historic locations in New York City, including the New York Public Library, the ice skaters in Bryant Park and of course, we'll definitely be checking out one of the most beautiful train stations around: Grand Central Terminal! And it wouldn't be a food tour without the food. I'll be supplying you with some hot and tasty treats to fill your belly and warm your insides. Given the classy location these will not be below average samplings either. Some samples we hope to try:

  • A Bite of NYC History
  • Savory Bread
  • Danish Delights
  • DOUGHnut to Die for
  • Chowdah with a Kick

As with all of my tours we'll be covering the history of the neighborhood as well as the food and vendors that supply it. This tour has the added bonus of some exclusive looks into some high-end New York living, without the typical crowds of say...the Holiday Tour! Step into the shoes of the NY Elite for at least a couple hours.

I highly recommend doing a tour with Adrienne. I am a native New Yorker, and I was fascinated with the interesting facts that were presented to us on our tour. We did the midtown tour, which started out at the New York Public Library, a very important NYC landmark. Also, Adrienne seeks out the best places to eat throughout the tour, and ties that into the presentation. We truly enjoyed our experience, and we hope to do another tour with Adrienne again soon.
— Yelp