St. Five Points Patrick's Day


Well it's March people, finally the Spring is UPON us!!!

And to bring in March, we, in NYC like to celebrate the Irish in our city with a grand tradition for the holiday of St. Patrick's. We have the largest celebration of this holiday in the world with our annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, that has been going on since 1762. Now, because St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year, the parade will be held on Saturday, March 16th. The parade begins at 44th street and fifth, 11am and finishes at 86th and 5th around 5pm. This is the largest and longest parade that the city has, as everyone comes out to celebrate the Irish in them!


Because the city will be celebrating a day early, I wanted to offer an event to include feasting and drinking and a little walking and learning, on the actual HOLIDAY! So I would love for you to join me on Sunday, March 17th at 11:30am, for a 2-2 1/2 hour walking food and drink tour in the historic Lower East Side immigrant community. We'll be just north of the famous five points area, where we can touch on some of the history regarding the newly American Irish families that lived down there and the leaders that brought them up through corrupted ranks. We'll pop in and out of some appropriately themed pubs, taverns and saloons, for a little taste of Ireland.


This is a one-day only event and it won't happen again until next year! So why don't you nurse your hangover with a little more beer and join me for this fun and festive tour, that I promise will be a one-of-a-kind experience! Only 20 spots available, so book your tickets today!

Polish Beer