You Can't Buy Love, But You CAN Buy me This Sandwich!


Well I don't know about you, but one of my favorite food things from New England is the lobster roll. For that reason I like to include a little sample of it on a tour when I can...yeah that's right come on a tour and find out!

Well as an ode to our friends up north, I wanted to mention this delicious style of food...and treat with a little improv "Yes, and..." so I'm sharing with you this post from Rundown NYC's email about what looks to be the most delicious sandwich ever...The ANGRY LOBSTER FATTY MELT. You can find it at Hudson Common...through TOMORROW! So gimme a call and buy us both one. :)

Angry. Lobster. Fatty. Melt.

And something else you can do tomorrow (with me) is go to the HIGHLINE...

Summer City Streets from an Elevated Railroad Park :)

and let's get some meat! Stop it with your dirty mind! Not THAT kind of meat...although, this woman does have needs! :) I'm talking about some tasty, homemade smokey meat...some fall-off-the-bone, melts-in-your-everything, kind of meat (ok that got dirty again).

Most of my friends think the only important Delaney is Michael Delaney, Master writer, improviser and actor...but that's NOT the Delaney I'm talking about. DANIEL Delaney, is a chef who's taken smoking into his own hands and has earned himself quite a following for carnivores because of his great technique and a knack for knowing his red-blooded beauties. He started out doing a sort of pop-up shop, where his fans could pre-order their brisket and then dine in a temporary spot whenever they were able to get there (spots were limited of course).  Due to their popularity and resulting success they set up shop in none other than Williamsburg with Briskettown (Brisketlab was the name of the pop-up series). You can treat yourself to meatfood 7 days a week in their Brooklyn shop! And now...for those of us that LOVE the Highline...they're opening up a cart in the famed park with great views and people watching! And they're calling it Smokeline. Starting tomorrow and running through October, we can all meat at the high line and eat! See? I know. Here's the email I received with this great news:

" Howdy Friends, I'll preface this email with a *non-April-Fool's-Day-disclaimer*: I recognize that this would be the best day in the world to prank you all. And I'm working hard to figure out how to do that separately, but this note, I assure you, is true blue. :)

It's with great pleasure that I announce Delaney Barbecue's expansion into Manhattan with SmokeLine, a satellite smoked meat outpost conveniently located on the High Line in Chelsea at W 15th Street!

The cart will be opening up later this month, and will feature many of the same proteins you've come to know at BrisketTown, with a few new surprises! Expect a very rib-focused menu, some new sandwiches (fried cheese and brisket anyone?), an expanded pie menu (featuring pies by Rachell Roth, our new rockstar baker), and a made-to-order soda bar! It'll be right smack dab in the middle of the park, along with some of our longtime friends like Blue Bottle Coffee, and a bunch of other new and delicious acquaintances. It'll be opening April 18th, and will stay open until October 18th.

I'm unbelievably excited to be able to bring our food to the island. I think that the High Line is a great opportunity for a new comer like us to wade in the water, meet a ton of new hungry folks, while continuing our goal of feeding New York the finest damn 'cue around! Keep your eyes and ears open for developments as we build out our cart and get ready for the launch. I'll be posting photos and updates to our Facebook page (like us, plz), and will blog about the progression on our website.

Thanks as always for all the support.

Love, Dan & The Delaney BBQ Team

PS: Everything at the cart will be vegan. April Fools! Copyright © 2013 Brisketlab, All rights reserved. You're on this list because you signed up at Our mailing address is: Brisketlab PO Box 110072 Brooklyn, New York 11211"

Smoke.Meat.High Line.