Foodie Weekend #5: HEATwave

HOLY HOTNESS!!!!! Guys, it is sweltering out there! Hence the delay in this brain is not functioning at normal speed. With that said I'm not listing Thursday Activities. As far as I'm concerned you should be staying inside tonight, but that's your call! Hopefully the heat will break tomorrow and you can run around the city eating your way through it as intended by nature. Friday:

Don't worry, a grill you wouldn't have to bring to Queens Farm!

Don't just eat your food, camp with it! This weekend, Queens Farm is having their annual summer BBQ & campout! Grab your sleeping bag and your hungry bellies, and get your tickets for this unique event that will include food, drinks, and dancing! There will be a DJ there into the late night hours for you partying types to dance of the calories from your campfires s'mores! Don't miss out on this opportunity--make sure you purchase those tickets before head out to Queens. And don't worry--coffee will be served in the morning to get you going for the rest of your weekend.



Beer & Jazz! How's about that combo for a Saturday? The Annual Craft Beer & Summer Jazz Festival will be taking place at Webster Hall on Saturday with two admission times. Depending on your ticket class, there's food available as well. There are some retail vendors that will be providing goods and FOOD for purchase as well. Of course with a craft beer festival the most important part is the beer, and this one includes around 150 different beers for you to taste. You can buy your tickets and find out more information on their site.

Friends and not-so-much, all covered in TOMATO

The Spanish are coming! And they're bringing their strange tradition of tomato-tossing with them! You too can join in on the drunk tomato battling this weekend without having to renew your passport! La Tomatina is the proper Spanish name for this bizarre practice of throwing overly-ripe tomatos at your friends and strangers alike. The good people of Tomato Battle, who've been around the country with this, have finally brought the boozy, messy, musical fun to Brooklyn NYC! Get your tickets and you can head out by noon to start your drinking before the biggest food fight you'll ever take part in begins!


The Gardens that make Carroll unique!

Cool Down on Court Street in Carroll Gardens this weekend! With the temperatures back under 90 degrees, what better way to celebrate than with a late afternoon stroll through one of the most beautiful parts of Brooklyn. For a limited time only I'm offering a huge discount on the tour! 50% off if you book with code 72113Half at checkout!

After the tour, I'll send you over to Dassara for some Danish comfort food! Revolving Dansk is made up of a Danish couple that's taken up the task of creating an underground communities of Danes and those interested in the type of Danish Street Food that's been gaining popularity in Europe and now in the US as well. They've been pairing with local Brooklyn restos to bring you a taste of their homeland, and this Sunday you can find them on Smith Street.

Famed Dane Dog.

Fatty 'Cue is braving the heat and smoking out their resto with Smoked Out Sundays! $35 gets you all you can consume beer, pulled pork, and brisket. You'll also have live music and DJs at the Brooklyn location from 12-6pm.