Happy Big Game Winter Woohoo!

nfl super bowl

It's that time of year again! The Superbowliest time of year that is!!

Ok...to be honest, I don't really care about football. GASP! I know, but it's the Superbowl! I know. Look, without getting into the history of how that just wasn't a thing we paid much attention to in my home, we'll just go ahead and say that it wasn't really until College that I started joining in on parties for the event even. And obviously, as a lover of beer and food and loud activities with drunk friends, I quickly caught on to the celebration atmosphere of the thing.

But, this year, it's different. Because this year, we're superbowling in the city! Well...sort of. Granted, the game is taking place physically in New Jersey, but we like to lay claim to anything that's spitting distance--sorry Jersey! But if you've been anywhere near Times Square, then you've seen that we've been struck by the pigskin bug. Romantic-sounding right? Hello have you seen the toboggan run?

Of course that still doesn't mean I have a clue as to who is actually playing in the Super Bowl, or what their colors are, or whatever else one should know at this point. All I know is I've got a lot of work. Not so much of the guiding sort, but more of the catering stuff. As I build my company up I'm still earning some income as a cater-waiter for Great Performances. And they're all over these pre-game events, which is great for me AND exhausting.

After this weekend things do slow down a bit, so I've decided to keep the spirit of The Big Game alive and well in my promotional efforts.  So if you're around town due to this event or for the Chinese New Year, which is also this weekend and will be celebrated in the biggest Chinatown in the west, or for any other reason at all you might want to check out my offer on NYC GO! You'll get 20% off on all tours THROUGH February!

That's all for now...I've gotta get ready for my next gig!

Lunar New Year Parade