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If Food Feeds the Belly,

Laughter Feeds the Soul

Let’s Laugh Together!


I began running food tours at the same time I started taking comedy classes at the world-renowned Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre. Since then, I’ve taken the full improvisation and sketch writing courses, studying with some very funny people, like Anthony Atamanuik, Chris Kelly, Matt Besser, Dan Klein, Melinda Taub, Michael Delaney, Caitlin Bitzegaio, Keisha Zollar, Brandon Scott Jones, and more.

I began to combine my love for food and comedy years ago, after drumming up some ideas with a fellow comedic friend, Brandon Scott Wolf—who then went on to be a guest of the show when I was producing it at QED in Astoria, Queens. I’ve now got a new take on my show, The Food Funny, and I look forward to raising the funds I need to create a sizzle reel to share this hilarity with the world…stay tuned.

IN the meantime, I bring my comedic voice into everything that I do. I’m available for acting, writing, and collaborating with that in mind. Here are some samples of my work.


Myrtle & Willoughby

Received my IMDB Credit!

In the final episode of the web series’ award-winning first season, I portrayed Mrs. Flipp.

The Spotlight: A Sketch Comedy Showcase

Featuring Tristan Griffin

I wasn’t able to be a writer upon the initial request as I was traveling overseas, but I was thrilled to join the cast of the April 2019 show, getting to play in 7 of the 10 sketches performed at UCBT. This is the one I’m most proud of—my portrayal of Olivia Benson in this Law & Order SVU parody.

You can watch all of the videos on my YouTube Channel


Period Planning for Thanksgiving

A Guide to Menstruating through the Holidays

I wrote this humorous piece for my satire Medium Publication: Everyday Exclusive. Here’s a clip:

Typically, I like to put out this guide months if not years in advance. Because truly, the best way to survive your period and your Thanksgiving, is to plan long in advance. But, I know that sometimes life catches up with you. You have to survive birthdays, pool parties, bbqs, July 4th hand blow-ups, etc all while your body sheds the unused lining of your uterus. It’s so easy to forget to plan, that everytime the holidays come and go you kick yourself like you do every Halloween, and say — next year. NEXT YEAR I WILL BE PREPARED. I’M PLANNING MY COSTUME NOW, DAMNIT. And then you get distracted by the candy that you grabbed from your neighbor’s front door because you are menstruating. Because it’s like your body knows. Holidays=perfect timing.

Keep reading here.

Dana Dow

Citizen Strong strong Rogue

The Citizen Strong movement bought up URLs with the names of politicians running for Republican seats in the 2018 election. On Halloween they unleashed the many sites with text written about the candidates by comedians such as myself. I was a latecomer to the movement, so I had only one candidate to work on. Dana Dow. Here’s a sample:

Dana, Dana, Dana. Dow, Dow, Dow.

Dana Dow prides himself on being a businessman, as President/Owner of Dow Furniture. In fact, it’s what got him placed on the Senate Taxation Committee he now chairs. Surely there wouldn’t be a conflict of interest for a business owner to be in a position where he might influence bills that would affect the cost of doing business for his own benefit! Obviously, he cares so much about cutting down on business costs that he didn’t even want to spend the $10 to purchase the URL .


ANDsemble Player

Improviser, sketch writer, & Performer

In January 2014, I joined the ANDsemble under the direction of Scotty Watson. Since then, I’ve been a part of numerous shows as an improviser, writer, and actor. Here’s a set from a recent show of ours, in which I channeled my inner Meredith Grey to portray a hospital administrator whose staff seems to have ghosted me.

The Food Funny

As seen on TV!

2015 was a really big year for me, and one of the first things that made it such a significant year was the debut of my show The Food Funny, where I combined my passions for food and comedy. After a few ups and downs the show evolved enough to receive some press from NY1 and Edible! Right now, the show is on hiatus again…but not for long. Stay tuned for more!


Holiday Tipping Guide…

for the Servers Who’ve Worked for Recently Outed Sexual Predators

Sometimes I find it best to combat the horrible news with comedy, here’s a sample of a tipping guide I wrote after several atrocious characters in the F&B industry were exposed (pun intended) for the monsters they are.

We sure are living in a crazy world climate right now!

Every day it seems a new man of power is taken down by the sins of their genitals, mouths, and hands. Or, as some would rather say, their accusers. Plus our Assaulter in Chief could bring us to a nuclear war with North Korea any day now! But, you are just trying to go about your life as normal, because you’ve been told many times that if you don’t, it means the terrorists win. And, you made your restaurant reservations months ago! It’s not your fault the notorious creeps are finally being paraded out into the streets just days before you’re set to dine at one of the hottest joints in town. You’ve been telling everyone in your office about your very important dining date coming up and it would be unfair to you and to them if you couldn’t enjoy this experience just because you don’t want to contribute to the bottom line of a known monster. And, as actual good person and Chef Jose Andres recently reminded us, there are many people who work for these sad excuses for human existence. It wouldn’t be fair to deprive them of your presence and your potential contribution to their salary just because of your own moral compass.

Read on here.

From One Door to Another and More

My #ByeChelsea Salute

While I was interning at UCB, I decided to start a tumblr blog about what it was like to be a “door guy” at the Chelsea theatre. I had a few of these blogs, including one about internet dating and one about the junk mail I’d received. But this one has seen the most recent action as I posted my tribute to the place that first turned me into the UCB-adjacent comedy weirdo that I am today. Here’s a sample:

OK, so I know I’m late. Like really late with this tribute…like so late that there will never be another Chelsea show ever again…but it’s because it’s emotional. And for someone who’s spent such little time there in the last couple of years, I’m surprised by just how emotional this is making me. But, I’ve got some shit to say about that dirty dark magical basement that was crucial for my comedy uprising. That helped me find a new group of crazies that I never would have otherwise. And while UCB still remains, and I tend to spend more days at the East Village location, the move will definitely have an impact on the culture of UCB. There will be good, and bad, and everything in between. I’m excited for the future, and honored to have been apart of it’s Chelsea days. A place is just a place, except for when it’s more.

Get some wine or whiskey and cozy up on the couch to finish reading here.