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Hell's Kitchen:

"Food was delicious and our guide was friendly and knowledgable. Have been on many food tours, and this was one of the best!" - alferia (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, October, 2014)

"Had a fun afternoon walking and eating through part of Hell's Kitchen with Adrienne.  I was born and raised in NYC but didn't know that much about this neighborhood.  I'm in the food industry as well so I was interested in doing this tour and learning about this new hot area.  All the stops we went to were delicious and unique.  I loved all the bits of history and stories about the businesses and owners along the way.  Highly recommended!" - Susan Y. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, December, 2013)

Midtown Holiday Tour:

"I took Adrienne's Holiday Tour six months ago, and am still telling people I meet about what a fantastic tour it was. Not only did she take share with us a large variety of delicious delicacies plus teach us interesting historical tidbits that were new to us, but you could also tell she genuinely loves NYC and the food industry, and wanted to pass along those loves to us too. Her enthusiasm was infectious! I went as part of a college girlfriends' getaway in Manhattan, and we're looking forward to taking another tour with Adrienne during our next reunion in the City."--Catherine G (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, June 2014)

"I highly recommend doing a tour with Adrienne. I am a native New Yorker, and I was fascinated with the interesting facts that were presented to us on our tour. We did the midtown tour, which started out at the New York Public Library, a very important NYC landmark. Also, Adrienne seeks out the best places to eat throughout the tour, and ties that into the presentation. We truly enjoyed our experience, and we hope to do another tour with Adrienne again soon."--Bren M (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, February 2014)

"This past Saturday my wife and myself did the holiday Fun Foodie NYC Tour. Despite a very cold, windy and snowy day which almost caused us to cancel our tour. Thankfully we didn't because we enjoyed our tour thoroughly. When we meet tour guide Adrienne she had the most amazing hot chocolate waiting for us. Then the tour commenced where Adrienne shared with us some tasty treats and her vast knowledge of the city that would even have a resident that has spent their whole life in NYC saying, "oh wow I never knew that."

I would highly recommend this tour for locals and tourist alike." - Don M. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, December, 2013)

Upper West Side:

"What a fun tour! Adrienne know lots of great stories about the history of the neighborhood and the buildings. The food was out of this world. I didn't need dinner after all those goodies. I had to return to a couple of the spots after the tour to pick up gifts to take home to Seattle.

I can't wait to take another tour when I return with the whole family!"--Elizabeth S. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, September 2014)

"Adrienne’s “Spring Up The West Side” tour was very enjoyable and a perfect substitute for lunch! We had a group of 6 people. As an Upper West Sider, herself, she started out with a very knowledgeable history of the Upper West Side. We then meandered through the Upper West Side stopping at a variety of places tasting our way through the tour. The tour had a good mix of sweet, savory, and interesting food spots. At each spot, Adrienne provided a short history and some fun facts. We had plenty of time to really enjoy the tastings and take photos. Adrienne was very kind, fun, and personable. After the tour, she sent us an email with a map of our tour route (a nice extra touch!). We’ll definitely consider booking a tour with her again (especially since she mentioned she does customized tours which include alcoholic tastings, as well)! We highly recommend the Fun Foodie Tour! Thanks Adrienne!"--amcfarland7 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, June 2014)

"Booked Adrienne's Upper West Side Foodie Tour. Adrienne is a born story teller, deftly interweaving the history and development of the area with her own often amusing stories of growing up there. She has done her homework and was able to field all the questions asked of her. The cafe/restaurants she led us to were an eclectic and interesting mix, and part of the fun was wondering where we'd end up next. She was well organized, open and inviting and gracefully handled our group ten. Delightful tour. Delightful guide."--S.Weiss (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Direct, May 2014)

"Adrienne was a great host for the foodie tour on the Upper West Side - unusual restaurant and shops......... places that I would definitely return to later - especially Lukes lobster roll......... also gives you a sense of what it's like to live in that area: good value and a good 2 hrs well spent" --mamaheel66 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, May 2014)

"Adrienne gave us a perfect in-sight on food an people in the Upper West Side. We visited deli shops, restaurants pubs and tasted different kind of foods. Thank you, Adrienne, for this lovely tour. Mirjam" --Mirjam B (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, April 2014)

"Tour s of Upper Westside eateries was very informative and our professional guide took us to places that delighted our taste buds.It was informal in that we got to know other people on the tour in a relaxed way , had enough time to take photos and shared food together from a variety of specialist eateries.I would never have got to these places otherwise and found the experience very rewarding.Verve food tours provided us with an inside knowledge of eateries and I highly recommend this tour ." --Catherine (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, April, 2014)

"This was the perfect afternoon activity for our little group! We had 89 year-old grandparents with us and a milk allergy to boot. We warned Adrienne ahead of time and she took us on a tour that included delicious food paired with historical and modern insights into the local color, culture,and landmarks. The food was amazing, she was entertaining and knowledgeable, and she adjusted the walking and bathroom breaks to make sure nobody was overwhelmed. Even our less adventurous eaters tried (and surprisingly loved!) the various foods: coffee, shrimp rolls, and even a vegan dessert at the end! She even got us a milk-free lox shmear from Zabar's!!! Who knew they even did that?!!! Next time I visit, I'm hoping to check out the East Village tour!!" - Secretcajunman (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, August, 2013)

Food Truck Fridays:

"Adrienne was really knowledgeable about not only the food and area we were in, but also about the different aspects of owning a food truck. You can really tell that she loves what she does and that enthusiasm is contagious. I would (and will) recommend her and this tour to anyone heading to NYC in the future!" --Kaity G. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, May 2014)

"Be sure to sign up for the Food Truck tour with Adrienne. It was simple to purchase tickets and the meeting location was easy to find. Adrienne was friendly, informative and even added two of our friends at the last minute. The tour provides plenty of tasty food in a fun, lively location. Adrienne shared information about the food trucks, as well as local history. We really enjoyed the food and Adrienne's style. The locations provide great off the beaten path locations with wonderful photo opportunities."--Allison L (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, June 2014)

Carroll Gardens:

"I went on the Carroll Gardens tour during this past Labor Day weekend.  I was looking to do a food tour somewhere in Brooklyn, and this one worked out great since I had not yet been to Carroll Gardens and have been wanting to check it out.  Plus, the mid-late afternoon tour time worked well to give plenty of time to get over there and explore on our own after the tour (including Court Street and Atlantic Avenue).  This was a good tour and I recommend it.  Adrienne curated a variety of places in the neighborhood for us to try, including a well-known dairy bar/bakery, Italian restaurant, coffee shop, and two small local markets, all while giving us a nice tour of the pretty neighborhood and giving some pieces of information. There was a nice group of people on our tour, which made it fun.  The sample sizes were reasonable, but luckily did not completely fill us up and giving us an opportunity to sample other places in the neighborhood (Brooklyn Farmacy -- yum and highly recommended).  I've also been on some other food tours in NYC and in other parts of the country and abroad, and can say that I thought the price of this tour was very reasonable.  I would definitely take one of these tours again -- thanks, Adrienne!" - Lisa B. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, September, 2013)

"This was a great experience. The food tasting choices were nothing short of delicious and the whole experience was very fun! Highly recommend it to everyone who wants to explore the neighborhood and taste really delicious food!" - Kerrydobrien (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, September, 2013)

"5 STARS" - zerveryan (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, September, 2013)

"I had a great time with my sketch team eating delicious snacks from nooks of Carroll Gardens I'd not been around much and finding out about a lot of interesting Carroll Gardens stuff that I didn't know!" - citizenhudso (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, September, 2013)

"Adrienne knows where the good eats are at! She not only introduces you to places in your neighborhood that you may have walked past many times without realizing just how good it is but also provides some great stories behind the food. Get on a tour and thank me later." - Wendytsang (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, September, 2013)

"This was a great tour! I learned a lot about the area and the areas selected for stops were unique, unexpected and all wonderful." - alenelatimer (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, September, 2013)

"The food tastings were DELICIOUS and the neighborhood was lovely. Getting history on it was just the icing on the cake. Definitely worth an afternoon!" - marballi1  (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, September, 2013)

"We were lucky to find free street parking right by the kick-off point of the walking tour, others arrived by the subway stop right there. Fun Foodie's Adrienne Cooper was there to greet us at the Momofuku Milk Bar. Adrienne started the tour on time with a description of the Carroll Gardens neighborhood and it’s evolution as the different immigrant groups arrived in the area. As the last tour guest arrived we started the tasting in Momofuku’s with a sample of one of their very tasty, very unique but strangely named treats. During the next couple of hours, in lovely weather, we strolled through this wonderful residential neighborhood full of “Front Gardens” and lots of trees, stopping at six more very individual eateries of different ethnic types, reflecting a neighborhood that had originally been predominately Italian. At every stop we were welcomed by Adrienne’s vendors even though we just enjoyed small samples of their foods. Adrienne not only gave us facts and figures about the community and some of the notable names to have lived there, but she gave us fascinating nuggets of information on the foods we tasted along the way. But you’ll have to take her tour to get the information yourself. Suffice to say, we were neither walked off our feet, not hungry at the end of the tour, but we were educated, charmed and entertained! This was a well researched and well organized tour, and VERY good value. So we tipped well." - WestsideBrit (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, July, 2013)

"I had such a great time on my food tour with Adrienne. This was my first food tour, so I didn't know what to expect. We started off our tour at the Momofoku Milk Bar. Adrienne had great knowledge about the history of the restaurant and the owner. I loved the story about the Crack Pie (google it). Our next stop was Greek food. The owners and workers were extremely welcoming to our group. The three pita dips were fresh and rich. We had a brief tour of the home gardens. I was impressed when Adrienne told us the legal measurement requirements of having a garden - even the Dunkin Donuts in the area had a beautiful outdoor patio garden. We went to several other restaurants and ended at the Court Street Grocers. I had the best Reuben sandwich in my life. The tour was a one of a kind experience. I would definitely do another tour!" - vchee46 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, July, 2013)

"Adrienne (Proprietor of Fun Foodie NYC Tours) was on hand early to meet us at the start point of the walking tour. When all the guests had assembled Adrienne gave us an interesting introduction to the neighborhood and the history of it's origin and development. The concept of the mandatory front gardens to the streets in this area was fascinating. What a great urban planning idea! Adrienne showed us both beautiful and quirky examples. Starting at the “milk bar” (It was much more than that!) in a little over 2 hours in this wonderful family neighborhood, Adrienne then led us to 6 more charming and unique restaurants and food sellers in the area giving us tid-bits of nicely researched information about the establishments. At each one we had a small sample of something from the vendor, and each sample was tasty and interesting. Somehow Adrienne had worked with the vendors to ensure that our group was welcome, even though we were just there for a sampling. At the end of the tour, as Adrienne had promised we were not hungry, and not exhausted from what was a really gentle stroll. Great Job. I look forward to the next tour with Fun Foodie NYC Tours and Adrienne!!" - Marta S. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, July, 2013)

"Adrienne was a blast and the tour was both educational and delicious. We went to seven different establishments and did small tastings at each. The combination of Adrienne giving us the historical background of the place and the food plus the flavors themselves made for a dynamite experience. Getting to visit so many food purveyors in a short period is just not possible any other way--don't miss it!" - oregonfrost (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, July, 2013)

Bryant Park Area Winter Tour:

"I learned soo much on this tour. Adrienne was very knowledgable about the places we went to." --nikinicole46 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, March 2014)

"What can I say about Adrienne, she is the best! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I have known her for years and this is truly where she shines! Adrienne knows how to educate about the area while keeping you entertained and feeding you, which is always a plus. I have been wanting to do one of food tour to see what they are all about and never got around to it, I am not disappointed. Taking a food tour is a great way to spend time in NYC where you get to wander, learn and eat! While the weather was on the cold side, it still turned out to be a great and even what turned out to be a private tour! I thoroughly enjoyed these tour and can't wait to come down and do another!" - hrbown7 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, February, 2014)

"Adrienne was fantastic!  loved all of the history of the areas we toured and had an extremely enjoyable time.  The food was great and Adrienne was wonderful about answering all of our questions.  thanks Adrienne!  :)" --Kyle V (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, March, 2014)

"Hubbie/I (late 50s) were in NYC visiting working son during some very cold temp days. We had some time to kill and I booked us with Adrienne and her tour. She met us at the NYC Public Library and shared so much knowledge with us as we ate pastry/hot chocolate. Then we walked to a nearby park and then Grand Central. It was a good mix of walking and being indoors during such cold temps. Adrienne made the time go quickly. Great way to meet a local and eat too. She gave me some tips on pizza places for a friend's upcoming wedding rehearsal dinner. Would highly recommend Adrienne's Fun Foodie Tours." - snareking (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, February, 2014)

"I highly recommend doing a tour with Adrienne. I am a native New Yorker, and I was fascinated with the interesting facts that were presented to us on our tour. We did the midtown tour, which started out at the New York Public Library, a very important NYC landmark. Also, Adrienne seeks out the best places to eat throughout the tour, and ties that into the presentation. We truly enjoyed our experience, and we hope to do another tour with Adrienne again soon." - Bren M. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, January, 2014)

"Had an enjoyable and well set up tour w/ Adrienne. She's well organized and very responsive to questions, needs, etc with the people she's touring with and is very flexible to accommodate weather and questions. Was what was advertised and more. The winter one that I went one stuck to classic tourist spots of the Public Library and Grand Central primarily due to icky weather. I learned some new things and it was nice to get out for the day more than anything. I think I might go out and try a different one again when it's springtime and there's more options in neighborhoods I'm less familiar with." - Karen R. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, January, 2014)

"I highly recommend Fun Foodie Tours. I am from NY and it was fascinating to learn such interesting facts about my city, and have great food in between" - brenpmon (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, January, 2014)

"The hubbie and I really enjoyed this tour. We were tourist visiting our son who had to work. So, this was a great way to tour a bit of NYC in very frigid temps. Andrienne was professional, prompt, and brought her A game to this tour, like it was the first she ever had. She told us about the history of NYC Public Library, Gramery Park and Grand Central Station. Had pics to show us. I asked her to give some recommendations on pizza places for an upcoming wedding, and she complied w/o question. I would love to do her other tours but time/distance prohibits. Definitely recommend this tour for history buffs and foodies." - travelady123 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Zerve, January, 2014)

West Village & Chelsea:

"A five-star rating for Adrienne and her Food Tour!  Adrienne put together a customized tour for us and she took care of every detail.  She was very responsive in planning the trip - asked a lot of questions about what we liked to eat and what part of NYC we were interested in touring.  She was professional and friendly and very knowledgeable about the city and history.  It is obvious she is well-known and well-liked by the vendors - we traveled from one location to the other with ease without any waiting.  She made the tour of Chelsea Market and the High Line a highlight of our trip."--Kathy L ( Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, September 2014)

"Adrienne was absolutely wonderful to work with. She customized a brunch tour for a bunch of picky eaters for a 50th birthday celebration. It was interesting, delicious and fun!!! I highly recommend - the best!" - cindib22 (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, March, 2014)

"I have been on two of these tours so far and I have nothing but great things to say.  It's an awesome way to welcome loved ones from out of town or get to know your own neighborhood a little bit better.  Weather you want to get silly with friends or do something fun and different with family or co-workers you are guaranteed a great time.  Adrienne does a great job of keeping things fun, entertaining, informative and running smoothly.  Enjoy!" - Talia S. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, December, 2013)

Lower East Side:

Pickle Guys

"We took a wonderful food tour of the Lower East Side with Adrienne last Sunday and had a great time. She was knowledgeable, charming and funny, while keeping things moving along right on schedule, without ever making us feel rushed. We've always found that the success of any tour depends largely on the guide. We'd call our time with her an unqualified success." - Bill B (iAdventure, HipHost, October, 2012)

"Good tour and guide very knowledgeable. Lower East Village very charming with good eats. Highlight for us was the Roasting Coffee House. Fresh made cup per order. Donuts from Doughnut Plant was exceptional. Best I ever tasted. Would have been nice to go in the actual shop though to see how donuts made. Most of the places the owners didn't come out or talk to group. Would have added to tour. Regardless, good tour." - Chris A. (City Food Tours, Zerve, August, 2012)

"My sister and I decided to book the Lower East Side food tour, after comparing the cost of another company's tour that didn't include the cost of food! We greatly enjoyed our guide and easily walked between our stops. The samples we received were enough to fill us up, and we were treated to a history lesson of the area. Our guide offered directions to all at the conclusion of the tour. We agreed that this was one of the highlights of our 3 days touring New York City. Make sure you don't miss it!" (City Food Tours, TripAdvisor, July, 2012)

"This tour was very informative and featured great food - and a lot of it! The only drawbacks were that the neighborhood was a bit scary and we went on a Saturday when all of the Jewish shops featured on the tour were closed. I would have loved to have been able to tour and sample those shops." - Maggie L (City Food Tours, Zerve, June 2012)

"Adrienne, our tour guide was absolutely fabulous! She was professional, courteous, down-to earth, and always willing to answer all of our questions. Even though the Jewish establishments were closed due to the Passover holiday, Adrienne still provided us with a great variety food items to sample along with history and information about the lower east side. She even went out of her way to go to the residence on Ludlow St. where my parents lived when they immigrated to the US. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and all the food samples. It was so much more than expected and we didn't need to eat lunch. We highly recommend this tour and plan visit NYC again so we can go on another Food Tour. Thank you for this wonderful experience!" - Dorothy K (City Food Tours, Zerve, April 2012)


"Please note - I HAVE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST HERE: This is my daughters enterprise.

That being said, those of you whom know me, will understand, I have my integrity to protect, so I'm not going to steer you wrong!

Adrienne puts together a very interesting, and more importantly entertaining tour, that not only gives you a slice of NYC, sights and history, but a taste of NY and it's edible culture too. Her tours are very good value, and in addiition to feeding your mind and your body, you get a little walking excercise in the bargain.

A great way to experience the magic of this city." - Gordon C. (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, Yelp, February, 2013)

"I hired Adrienne Cooper to take four friends and myself on a walking/food tour of NoLita (North of Little Italy) in Manhattan. Thanks to Adrienne's exceptional planning skills and, also, thanks to her vast knowledge of all things New York, we had a BLAST!! She walked us around NoLita, telling us all about the history and even which celebs live where (AND showing us photos of the inside of some of their incredible homes as we stood outside of those homes). Along the tour she had planned many restaurants of varying ethnicities and styles. When we got to each restaurant, we found that she had already ordered and paid for the food, so all we had to do was enjoy! She was very careful in her food ordering: she checked on any dietary restrictions in advance and ordered accordingly. She also never repeated a protein -- we had ham in one place, shrimp in another, vegetarian in another, chicken in another, etc. It was like the best tasting menu New York City has to offer with a fascinating walking tour in between courses. AND, it was INCREDIBLY REASONABLY PRICED! Would I hire Adrienne to do this again? IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!!!!" - Mark N (Private Tour, Hip Host, August, 2012)

"I have taken a recent walking tour with Adrienne. I found the tour was well prepared, entertaining and nicely balanced between information and experience, including interior images of some of the buildings featured on our tour. Adrienne was clear, and interacted with our group with humor, patience and sociability. The tour was well paced and we covered a good variety of locations without being exhausted. It was obvious that Adrienne’s decade of training and professional experience in the hospitality industry helped ensure that we were properly catered for by the food establishments on our Tasting Tour of NOLITA. Coupled with her knowledge of New York City acquired as a lifetime New Yorker and Licensed NYC Guide, Adrienne gave us excellent value and entertainment for the price. (And we were well fed too!) Highly Recommended" - Gordon C (Private Tour, Hip Host, August, 2012)

"I've taken 2 of Adrienne's food tours and loved the variety and flow of both tours. Adrienne is very knowledgeable and fun to be with. We all had a great time! I recommend!" - Marta C. (Private Tours,Hip Host, February and August 2012)

"Food was yummy. Good experience. Our guide Adrienne Cooper was soooo nice!! We were late and she waited for us." - Joyce F. (City Food Tours, Zerve, August, 2012)

"The tour company and tour guide made our trip to NYC! Our guide, Adrienne, was knowledgable, interesting, kind and pleasant. She made the experience enjoyable! The food stops: pizza, candy, banh mi sandwich, cheese, yucca fries and pastries were enough to keep us full. Make sure to tell the tour company beforehand if there are any dietary restrictions so there is enough time to prepare foods especially for you." - Marlene G (City Food Tours, Zerve, August, 2012)

"I recently had the great pleasure of taking the Nolita Eat a Bite of Ethnic NY Tour by City Food Tours! It was, in a word, AWESOME! The food and locations were great and our tour guide, Adrienne (I apologize if I have misspelled her name) was super friendly! Her love of NYC and food are a perfect combination! There were tastings on this tour that I would have never tried on my own and some that I am still talking about today! I hope to take another City Food Tour soon as I was able to try some great food in an area of NYC that I had not yet visited. Great job Adrienne and City Food Tours! See you soon!" (City Food Tours, TripAdvisor, July, 2012)

"Our tour guide, Adrian, was fantastic. She was very informative, enthusiastic, and friendly. I think it helped that we had a great group of people. Everyone was on board to try new foods and we had a beautiful day, so that didn't hurt! Not being familiar with NYC at all, everything was new to us. We made several food stops. We tried meat and cheese from Spain, cheese from Italy, quiche from France, bánh mì from Vietnam, churro from Mexico, and candy from the US, all in NYC. We would definitely love to try another food tour if/when we return to NYC. All of the placed we stopped were places we would've never tried on our own, and they were all delicious. The information provided on the tour also added to the experience. My husband & I would highly recommend!" - Kellie C (City Food Tours, Zerve, July 2012)

East Village:

"I couldn't have asked for a better birthday / welcome to NYC than Fun Foodie's custom beer and farm-to-table food tour of my neighborhood, the East Village. I'm a Food Studies masters at NYU and am generally sort of obsessive about what and where I eat, but I knew I was in excellent hands from the moment the tour started. Adrienne was smart, knowledgeable, and super-chill -- she had the perfect balance of hanging out and giving us background without being too overbearing. I also want to be her best friend now, as an aside.

I'd highly recommend Fun Foodie tours to ANYONE looking to know New York better, have an amazing time with friends, and eat some really, really awesome food." - Talia R (Fun Foodie NYC Tours, TripAdvisor, September, 2013)

"Not only did the tour live up to my expectations, it far exceeded them! Adrienne is the best tour guide I have ever experienced. She is very knowledgeable about the foods along the stops and has a great personality and a delightful sense of humor!" - Nichole M. (Private Tour, Hip Host, September 2012)

"My husband and I had an amazing time. Adrienne was so much fun, outgoing and knowledgeable. This was my husbands first trip to NYC, he had a fantastic time, too. He was nervous about being too touristy, but Adrienne made him comfortable. Will definitely take another tour with Adrienne next time in NYC." - Jennifer M. (Private Tour, Hip Host, September, 2012)

"My best friend from college was coming to New York for the first time and I wanted to impress him. He wanted to try beer of NYC, and I had no clue as to where to start. I got in touch with Adrienne thru a co-worker who said that Adrienne had an amazing beer tour, and that it would be perfect for my best friend. I was a little apprehensive, as I didn't drink beer before the tour. By the end of the tour, I actually liked beer! Adrienne was born and raised in NYC, so it felt as if we were touring her own home. She was extremely fun, and knowledgeable. My best friend said that it was by far the highlight of his trip to NYC! Since that first tour, I have recommended Adrienne to other friends, and they all walk away saying it was an amazing experience. Thank you so much, Adrienne! It was such a pleasure to be on your tour and I look forward to another tour of yours again soon." Nicole M. (Private Tour, Hip Host, August, 2012)

"Adrienne is a fantastic guide! She is very courteous and knowledgable. She strives to make a personal connection with each person. She offered everyone directions to their next destination at the end of the tour." - Carol E (City Food Tours, Viator, July, 2012)

"Very knowledgeable guide. I learned a little local history while getting to sample some really good food. Definitely not a fan of borscht, but everything else was great!" - Jamie V (City Food Tours, Zerve, June, 2012)

"I booked this tour at the last minute almost as an afterthought since the East Village hadn't even been on my radar. So glad we took it. Fantastic neighborhood, definitely got a taste of some traditional New York foods, and Adrian was a great guide; informative, funny and helpful. We'll definitely be booking more tours the next time we're in NYC." (City Food Tours, TripAdvisor, May, 2012)

"I had an extremely pleasant tour guide, very informative and interactive with the group. She was a definite "city girl" and knew the answers to everything! I would take another tour again!" - Linda L (City Food Tours, Zerve, May 2012)

"I was very happy that this tour was conducted on Easter, the only day we had available to do it. Turned out we were the only two on the tour but Adrian still took us around, she was very knowledgeable and charming. This turned out to be my daughter's favorite thing on our trip to NYC-probably because she is just like her mother and loves to eat! And oh boy do you eat on this tour! It was an enjoyable way to spend a few hours in NYC." - Stacey P (City Food Tours, Viator, April 2012)

"had a great tour of the East Village with Adrian last night. We even got to see a little New York "entertainment". :) Thanks!" (City Food Tours, Facebook)