MAY your Spring be Flavorful!

Birthday goodness in the Greek Isle of Manhattan's Lower East Side!

May is here!!! And it's my favorite month for a variety of reasons:

1. It's my birthday month! I was born on May 29th and I share that honor with my cousin, Dana who's exactly 1 year older than me, and I take this time to remind her of that fact every year! We also have the same birthday as that beloved President, John F Kennedy. So, clearly we're destined for great things! Last year was a big one for me. I hit 30 and celebrated at one of my tour stops, Souvlaki GR, in the Lower East Side. They've got great food, wine and a perfect atmosphere for such an event (it's designed to make you feel as though you're in the Greek Isles, you're inside, but feel like you're outside)! This year, I'm thinking I might try a small family dinner at Feast and then get someone with outdoor space to throw a party with grilling and beer involved. If you want to be that person, just let me know!

Crawfish Boils don't happen in Winter! Yay! Spring!

2. That brings me to my next favorite thing...outdoor dining and drinking and grilling and drinking and YAY outdoors! May is a great time to have some outdoor brunch or waterfront margaritas or throw a party that includes meat and booze and me! There are all sorts of great opportunities to take advantage of NYC and the outdoors and it's al fresco dining. I love wandering around South Street Seaport...more on that soon, going to the beer garden (I know there are several, but the best is the Bohemian Hall in Queens, sorry guys), or playing drinking games on a friends terrace, deck or patio! I also enjoy going to street fairs, which is cheap and always a good time, here's a listing of those, for you to check out!

Last year's cinco de mayo we went to a foodie fest outdoors combining so many of my favorite activities with BIG HATS!

3. You might notice the Cinco de Mayo at Grand Central event in that listing, which brings me to the next great thing about May...all of the various Foodievents throughout the city. I've brought up a few already in this blog, and I will highlight more as the weeks go. But for now I will mention one that's going on tomorrow. As I use Grand Central on my winter tour I figured it was appropriate to point out The Flavor of Midtown, which is taking place tomorrow from 7-9:30pm in Vanderbilt Hall. You can check out more information and link to buy tickets here. There will be more than 30 restaurants and food and drink vendors there for you to sample from, including some standouts, like Murray's Cheese, Magnolia Bakery, and the historic Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

So, what are you waiting for? GET OUT THERE!