Wet Weather Weekend...


With the weather being all muggy and rainy, what better time to take in a train show?!

And this weekend there's tons to see at Grand Central--still celebrating it's 100 years. Today and tomorrow there are several events taking place at the station, including displays of old trains, fun for kids, tours, readings, performances, AND there's always great food! If you treat yourself to the Oyster Bar, you'll be partaking in history as well, as it's been around since the very beginning! Right now they're offering daily specials for $20.13 in honor of the occasion.

So, get the kids if you have them and/or your camera and come out the Grand Central for a step back in time. If you take public transport to get there you won't even need your umbrella!

For more information on schedules and events, check out their site.

And don't forget to call your Mom tomorrow! Happy Mother's Day! :)