Your Foodie Weekend: 1st Edition!

I figured it's about time I start making some weekly posts. Obviously, this one addresses the end of the week...or, as commoners call it, THE WEEKEND! Now, for someone who's been in hospitality for years, the weekend doesn't always mean the same thing to me that it does to most. And being a small business owner, means I have even less time that's just to myself. But I do often get to enjoy some good weekend fun--I am my own boss after all!

And this weekend there's SOO much going on in this city that it's going to be very difficult to get any work done! So what are your options?

First up is the one that everyone's talking about: The GREAT GOOGAMOOGA!

GoogaMess 2012

It sounds like something a child made up...and perhaps it is. It's a weekend full of events including music and lots of food and drinks all set in a big park. In Brooklyn. This is the second year for the (previously over-) ambitious festival, and here's hoping that the organizers and participants have all learned from mistakes of the past! Last year, the lines were unbearably long and vendors ran out of food rather early on, as they were oversold on the event, and so the hoards took to twitter and the critics and attendees revolted. Some lesser folks might be discouraged from attempting this feat once more...ever again, let alone just one year later. But not these guys! They apologized profusely for their mistakes, and those who were there, while they were likely not full at the end of the day, were happy with the selection of vendors, events and music that played. So the organizers have vowed that they've learned from the errors of last year and promise a much better weekend of fun for all who give them a second chance! The kickoff starts tomorrow, 5/17 and runs through Sunday, 5/19 in Prospect Park. You can get your tickets and see more information on the GoogaMooga website.

Gatsby Summer!

Now, if the sound of the sunshine, sweat, and the great Brooklyn outdoors don't seem up your alley there's plenty more going on! Let's bring it up a notch in the class-factor and look to the annual Manhattan Cocktail Classic.

Opening Night Gala. Photo Credit: Belathée Photography

Food and drink outdoors?! Unless you're in the Hamptons, you're NOT interested! And with all of the Great Gatsby hoopla, you'd be a fool to spend your time any other way than the way of the uppercrust, right?! Well celebrate the libations of today, yesterday AND tomorrow, all concocted by some truly masterful bartenders! There are so many events going on for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic that they couldn't fit it all into one weekend! Opening Night Gala will take place tomorrow evening, with various events around the city to take place through Tuesday, the 21st! Take that Googa! But seriously, folks go to their site and check out all the events and information on how to get tickets, and if you wanna bring me along...well you know how to reach me!

Tribeca's FOOD festival

Now, in between, before and during all of that drinking you're going to want some food to fill your belly. Do those other events have that, sure! But so does this one...and plus you know there's rich and famous people with children who will probably not be at the Cocktail Classic, BUT they'll be pounding the pavement of Tribeca!

Tribecan Street Fair

Did I mention there's only ONE day that you can enjoy the Taste of Tribeca? How about the fact that it's all to raise money for Tribeca's public schools? Ah. OK, well now you know--those things are both true! The event takes place on Saturday, from 11:30am to 3pm. You will find it on Duane Street (between Greenwich & Hudson). There's several events for kids to enjoy while you're busy stuffing your face with food from some of the 70 participating restaurants from the area! Check out the schedule and various ticket options at the Taste of Tribeca site. For this one, you should get there early, but I wouldn't imagine that there will be any time that it's empty...we're talking about Tribeca during the brunch rush! There will be strollers!

9th Ave

So you wanna keep it to the street, but you were thinking even more casual and a little further north? We can totally do's the annual 9th Avenue International Food Festival after all!

Block and blocks of food!

That picture looks VERY dramatic, but that's not even a mile of food guys! Not even a mile! On BOTH Saturday & Sunday, the 18th and 19th you can make your way north or south along 9th Ave, from 42nd to 57th Streets and you will be accosted by a variety of worldly scents! The festival opens up at 12 noon and ends at 5pm, both days. And the best part? It's just a big ol street fair, guys, so it's FREE to enter and the food is nice and cheap! YAY! We love that, right?! With so many choices you might feel overwhelmed, but remember you can walk up and down those blocks as many times as you need to burn those extra calories! I wouldn't miss it, but you might be stuck in Brooklyn, so I get it if you do!

And now, I must admit, I've run past my time and I have to run off...but there's still more events to speak of, so quickly we'll pop over to Queens for Smoke 2013: Whiskey, Cigar & BBQ Festival on Saturday, and The Momo Crawl 2013 on Sunday.