Ch-ch-ch-CHANGES!!!! Good things come to those who WORK for it!

While we talk about changes I figure I'd show off my new hair cut! :)

Just a quick announcement that I'm making some changes to the business so that life is easier and smoother and prettier for all!

1st of all, I've been slowly moving my content over to a new site at Squarespace, cuz they're awesome and they make beautiful templates that can easily be customized! YAY! I also know some really awesome people who work there, which has made the transition easier for me. I hope to be up and running VERY soon, but definitely will happen by the end of the month. And NO WORRIES...I will be holding on to my domain name, so you don't have to learn a new web address or anything silly like that!

2nd big change is that the main way to buy my tickets is getting way easier! I'm moving from the Zerve system (you'll still be able to purchase tickets through their site if you'd like, BUT it's not going to be the main method) to a company called FareHarbor, which will make it so that you can access everything directly through my new and improved website!! Meaning you don't have to become a ZERVE member--everything works directly between the two of us! And while I'll get your information in case I need to contact you before or after the tour, I'll NEVER put you on a list you don't want to be on--nor will I share your information with any other company!

I'm so excited for both of these improvements for Fun Foodie NYC, and wait--there's more!! Lastly, I'm putting together some specialty tour events in the upcoming months that will be targeting specific clientele AND will only happen on a limited basis! I expect these things to fill up fast, however, so if you're interested in getting the scoop before everyone else then you better get on my newsletter list!

I can't wait to show off the improved Fun Foodie!