Fun Foodie Exclusive Event!!

True story: I once had a guy suggest Dave and Buster's as a date idea, he said it was: "A great place for foodies.." So, with that kind of energy out there, plus a great suggestion from my friend's boyfriend, I decided to put together a tour for dudes to help them step up their dating game. In a city as great as New York, I hope that we can all come up with better date ideas than Dave & Buster's...sorry guys, but especially a first date?? Where are we? New Jersey?

So here's my idea, and because I love you I'm offering a 25% discount to my readers, with code: LLCDWVblog

Ladies Love Cool Dates, West Village Tour

A Food and Libation Tour that'll Spice up your Love Life!

Take it from a couple of worldly and sophisticated NY gals, we judge your choice of date activity ALMOST as much as we do your behavior on said date. So, who better to show you some impressive date options throughout the West Village than two bachelorettes who literally make a living off of showing people the best hidden spots in this great city?

Women and men alike appreciate an evening that is planned, thoughtful, and clearly not a last-minute scramble. And this tour is designed to give the men* of New York City some great ideas for date night. Whether you're looking to get that second date, spice up a long-time romance, or possibly seal the deal (whatever that may be), we can guarantee you a night that will have your date gushing to her friends about all the points you earned for your creativity.

Not only have we crafted a tour to help guide you through perhaps the most charming and romantic neighborhood, but we've prepared a fun activity for you to enjoy before you even plan that date! Your tour guides will bring you to 6-8 different food and drink stops that will include at least one tasting at each, so that you can experience firsthand what they have to offer. Along with your eating and drinking, you'll learn fun facts about the neighborhood, the stops themselves and likely a thing or two about the actual edibles, which you're more than welcome to show off to your mate.

We've also partnered with the restaurants, sweet shops, and bars along the route, as well as other venues, such as comedy clubs & theaters to offer discounts on special events and classes for even more date-night fun!

Trust these single ladies to add some va-va- to your voom!”

Date: Saturday, September 27th, 2014 4:30-7:30pm


Also, stay tuned in October for Williamsburg version!