Fun Foodie Tips:

There are so many fun things to do with leftovers, like thanksgiving leftover casserole, or a thanksbenedict, or a pot pie perhaps. But I'm thinking a little more creatively...about a thing or two that might usually find it's way into the garbage. Specifically, I'm talking Turkey. Once you've carved the bird, including all the trimmings at the end of the meal that go into the various storage containers for yourself and your guests, you're left with quite the carcass. Most people just toss it after all the meat's been distributed or consumed, but I beg of you not to do this! There's absolutely no reason to spend money on stock when you've got the bones (literally) to make your own! It's so easy it requires zero skill level! And if you'd like to share the wealth you can break the carcass down into several different Ziploc bags. You can also freeze the bones if you've got enough stock for the time being, and pull them out when you run low to make some more. So, how do you make stock? You just add water to a pot, throw in bones and/or vegetables (I prefer to use scraps), and then just seasonings--whatever kind you like. Put it all together, boil and then let simmer for at least an hour. The longer it simmers the stronger the flavor. When you're happy with the flavor, pull the pot from the heat and strain. That's it--you've got stock! Be sure to allow it to cool before sticking it in the fridge. Now, you NEVER have to buy stock again! Stop wasting your money!! Your wallet will thank you! See--thanksgiving!

Photo By   David Goehring

Photo By  David Goehring

Bonus tip: You can use the innards from the turkey in the same way...or you can get more creative, and smoke the turkey neck for a slightly healthier and certainly kosherier replacement to bacon. Even bigger bonus points if you want to try the Turkey Giblet Pate!

Whatever you do, have fun and don't forget--waste not, want not (that means you can make cocktails out of leftover cranberry sauce, yes it does)! Happy Thanksgiving!