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Cibo e Vino = Food and Wine (The Restaurant)

Reviewing a media dinner at Mediterranean and Italian Restaurant Cibo e Vino on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

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Smoky, Spicy, Sweet Vegan Cheeseburger Recipe

A Smoky, Spicy, Sweet Vegan Cheeseburger that even an omnivore can enjoy! Use your favorite meatless patty—or try one for the first time today! This is a great grilling season go-to. Especially for those who can’t or don’t eat animal products.

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TBT: The Brooklyn Folk Festival in Rearview

TBT the Folkie Foodie! When this Fun Foodie travels to Brooklyn for a folk festival, fun, confusion, and plenty of eating ensues.

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The Holidays are Here and Change is in the Air!

Everyone gather ‘round, because things are about to get different. And hopefully better for it.

Also—discount code for the final tours of the year!

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