Spring Tastes Better This Year!
And Cheaper!

Spring Tastes Better This Year!<br>And Cheaper!

Spring Tour is Cheaper AND Improved!

Fall Back!
Get Geared Up for the HOLIDAYS!!!

Fall Back! <br>Get Geared Up for the HOLIDAYS!!!

Looking back on the fall as we get ready to jump into the holidays!

Food & Comedy:
Building a Brand

Food & Comedy: <br>Building a Brand

The business of building a brand isn't easy, but it can be fun. Especially when your brand is laughing and eating and laughing about eating.

Back to Sch--TOURING!! New Tours Posted!

Back to Sch--TOURING!! New Tours Posted!

New tours have gone, and more are to come! Get your tickets for all that's out there today! East Harlem to Carroll Gardens and much, much more!

Groundhog's Got Me Thinking of Spring!

Groundhog's Got Me Thinking of Spring!

Exciting things for a Fun Foodie in 2016

Limited Time Special Winter Tour

Limited Time Special Winter Tour

Limited Time Special Winter Tour! Bonus Food, Same Price!

Cyber Monday Contest!

Cyber Monday Contest!

Enter for your chance to win two tickets for our Holiday Tour! #CyberMonday

Fun Foodie Tips:

Fun Foodie Tips: <br> LEFTOVERS!

Waste Not, Want Not! A few tips to help you with the parts of the bird you don't usually eat on Thanksgiving. Anyone can do this!

Fun Foodie Tip:
Thanksgiving Edition!
Holiday Wins

Fun Foodie Tip: <br> Thanksgiving Edition! <br> Holiday Wins

Don't just survive Thanksgiving, Win it! Or at the very least, enjoy the heck out of it! Here are some tips on how you can do just that!

SPOTLIGHT ON: Bo's Kitchen and Bar Room

SPOTLIGHT ON: Bo's Kitchen and Bar Room

Nola inspirations manifested into decadent dishes in Flatiron.

Fall Foodie Tips:
They Deserve More

Fall Foodie Tips: <br> APPLE CORES! <br> They Deserve More

What to do with those leftover apple cores--aside from tossing them at that neighbor you hate.

Be-Sneak Peek into Greenwich Village's new Bespoke Kitchen

Be-Sneak Peek into Greenwich Village's new Bespoke Kitchen

A review of local newcomer, Bespoke Kitchen, creating custom plates in the West Village.

#TBT: A Spanish Invasion in Chelsea, SPOTLIGHT ON: Salinas

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an event at a restaurant in Chelsea that I'd passed many times, but never made it into. The event was a ham and wine tasting, but not like the kind of ham you get at your local deli, unless that local deli happens to be in Spain. No, we were treated to some of the finest Jamon Iberico (Iberian Ham) that you can find, from Cinco Juntas. Paired with some really lovely wines.  

Beautifully, aged, marbled and sliced.

The beautiful Albariño from Bodegas del Palacio was the perfect summer white, which on the hot muggy day was what I spent most of the evening drinking. But I couldn't leave without tasting the red, which I almost regretted not having more of during the event. The 2008 Rioja was a Cerro Añón Gran Reserva from Bodegas Olarra that was a perfect complement to the richness of the ham, while remaining perfectly drinkable on its own, a classic Rioja wine.

Perfect Pairings

Along with the luscious wines and award-winning ham, Chef Luis Bollo, of Salinas took his inspiration from the salty, melt-in-your-mouth swine and created some very tasty passed bites. We were treated to Croquetas Fundientes de Hiberico y Maiz (Roasted Corn & Ham Croquettes); Tosta de Bonito con Dulce de Tomate, Hiberico y Caviar de Trufa (Crustini with sweet tomato, bonito tuna, ham and truffle caviar); and my personal favorite, that I had about 4 or 5 of, the Chupito de Salmorejo (Cordoba-style gazpacho shoot with ham, hard-boiled egg, croutons & olive oil). And while I did munch on a good deal of these treats, they did a good job in leaving me wanting for more.

The event itself was done very well. I think that it lasted just long enough, where we got to enjoy the food, drinks and beautiful venue and the company that was there. The representatives from both 5J and Salinas were all very engaging and seemed genuinely interested to be there. And did I mention how lovely the space is? It's an enclosed garden room, taking you off into a fantasy land that just happens to be in the middle of Manhattan. After the intimate event my friends and I had whetted our appetites just enough to seek out some of their larger tapas plates, and perhaps get something other than jamon inside of our bellies!

Cinco Junta's skilled slicer carved a picture perfect piece for this photo, but generously shared with me her favorite cut, which includes some more of that juicy fat!

Unfortunately I didn't get any shots of our dishes when we went back into the restaurant, BUT I can tell you that it was all beautiful and absolutely delicious. The patatas bravas was, in fact, so good that my friend refused to share hers with me so I had to get an order of my own. One of the quintessential Spanish tapas, this dish was so beautifully done, from the perfect cut on the potatoes that were treated with the perfect balance of their spicy "brava sauce" a tomato based sauce & a drizzle of creamy aioli to cool it down, I was happy to not have to share with her in the end! I also ordered the alcachofas fritas (fried artichokes), which were very good, but in comparison to the patatas and then the Negros y Curjientes (Catalan crispy vermicelli, shaved sepia, watercress squid ink broth, aioli), it was a little bit lost, but I was just trying to get some veggies in. We sipped our wine and indulged in the food before us until we just couldn't anymore. And I know a lot of people can't "get full" from tapas, but they just aren't doing it right and filling their bellies with pork eats beforehand! I would also like to mention that before I went into the event I had a drink at the bar, which was expertly crafted by a very talented bartender, whose name is escaping me now. And although I don't know that I would order the Romero y Limon again, it was a very nice summer cocktail to start off the evening. I shall certainly return to Salinas, now that I know what I've been missing. And I look forward to more events from Boucher & Co, thanks for the invite!

Hey, I'm Walkin' Here! I'm walkin'!

Well I just wanted to post a quick update as I'm finally fit enough to be able to run my tours again beginning in August! I look forward to having you and yours on a tour soon, if you haven't been already! Recovering from this injury has been a long journey, and it's not over yet! BUT I think, after spending a couple of hours at The Met a week ago, that I should be able to manage one of my tours. Many thanks to the guides who've helped me through this process: Susan, Riley, John & Jocelyn! And to everyone else who's helped get me back on my feet, literally! I definitely don't wish this experience on anyone, except for my enemies--you know who you are! ;) 

Bourbon and Cheeseballs Birthday Dinner of Winners! :) I promise not to serve you these addictive balls of toxins on your tour, unless you specifically request them!  

Bourbon and Cheeseballs Birthday Dinner of Winners! :) I promise not to serve you these addictive balls of toxins on your tour, unless you specifically request them!  

I'd also like to let you all know that the Fall tours have been posted as well, so you may book your Hell's Kitchen adventure now! I've already received requests about December tours, but I'll probably post those within the next month or so--as soon as the dates for this years holiday market are posted.

Hope to see you all soon!

Broken, but not...er...Broken?

Broken, but not...er...Broken?

Broken bones make it harder for me to run a walking food tour business, but not impossible! WINTER BE GONE!