Fun Foodie Tip:
Thanksgiving Edition!
Holiday Wins

Fun Foodie Tip: <br> Thanksgiving Edition! <br> Holiday Wins

Don't just survive Thanksgiving, Win it! Or at the very least, enjoy the heck out of it! Here are some tips on how you can do just that!

Foodie Weekend #11: It's Beertember Ya'll

Annual Italian Festival for San Gennaro.

I know I've been quiet since Labor Day, but aside from the business of putting together the upcoming season's tours, I lost a friend and have been dealing with that for the last couple of weeks, but this is not the post for that. My buddy was an Upper West Sider, and by all accounts he was a foodie and a food professional, so he deserves his own tribute. Stay tuned for more on Gabe in the coming weeks. But until then we've got a weekend to cover! And with the change of seasons in the air, there's plenty to do in this great city!


I would have mentioned this last week, if I'd posted anything, but since I didn't I didn't want to leave off a favorite of mine every September, the annual excuse to go to touristy Little Italy, is The Feast of San Gennaro. Get out your cash and head to Mulberry for food, fun and one of the silliest freak shows around! The Feast ends this weekend so don't miss out!

Burgers & Whiskey go together like peanut butter and jelly, and when that whiskey is bourbon, well that's just what dreams are made of. And tonight you can get them both thanks to the New York Distilling Company, Go Burger and Thrillist! Because tonight is the Bourbon n Burgers Party to benefit The Little Warriors, which is a nonprofit organization that provides outdoor fun to children of our fallen Navy SEALS. And if you use the code "thrillist" at checkout, you'll get 50% off those tix!

Photoville Brooklyn brings together a few of my favorite things: Photography, Food, and Beer! All just a train ride away, or less if you're a neighbor to this pop-up. Starting this Thursday and going through the following Sunday, you can participate in this fun pop-up in a bunch of different ways! Head on over to the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park to simply vieweat and interact, or you can check out the schedule for daytime workshops and talks or evening screenings & events.

Beer. For. Days.


If you've read my blog before, you know I like me some BEER! And this Friday we're getting another Beer week here in NYC, from Get Real Presents! To start things off, we have NY Beer Day, which is looking to be the largest tap takeover in the WORLD! From 5pm-4am NY Brews will be on offer at Bars and Restaurants throughout the city for a minor $4 a pop! Tickets are only $5 to participate so why miss it? But don't stop there! There's also the Lamb Jam Masters on Monday and Oystoberfest which will be next weekend--I said is was a weeklong event! Check out all of the events and keep in mind that a lot of these proceeds will be going to the NY Mayor's Fund for Sandy Relief and the Food Bank of NY.


Frustrated to be back at work? Well let it all out with a checking out this year's Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Festival with three seatings over Saturday and Sunday. Your ticket to this authentic Maryland Blue Crab Feast gets you unlimited crab and Abita beer at The Tunnel in Chelsea! Get ready to whack some crab!

Recently people around the world were participating in these color runs, but for me that's kind of boring--mostly cuz I don't run and there's no food. But this run my get me to gear up (if I weren't working out of town I'd totally be there!) and take the city by speeded foot! Why? Well it's the 4th annual NYC PIzza Run! You heard correct--the PIZZA RUN! I mean, it's our staple food, so it deserves the respect of a run, right?! Signing up for the run will get you 3 slices of pizza, a t-shirt, after party, and other cool things, but I had you at pizza! Plus, these guys are donating some of the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (ironic? hypocritical? yeah, suppose so, but it's still a good cause and good pizza). and you can register for your spot today!

Beer here too! I know, I already mentioned that other Beer Week thing, but if you're looking for some island fun that's outside of Manhattan, then you'll wanna head over to Randall's. The first New York Beer Fest will be starting at noon, and ending at 4pm, so don't dawdle! Of course, there will be BEER, food and music at the Fest, and tickets are available with or without the ferry ride.

If Beer's not your thing, but shellfish is, then you can try out a more historic celebration at the Stone Street Oyster Festival in lower Manhattan. Cuz, well it's also Oyster Week in New York, which once was the #1 place to get those bivalves. There are a variety of events for you to chose from, but given the history of Stone Street's Oyster Shucking past, it seems the most relevant for me to mention on my site!

Fall for some means pumpkins, and for others...Oktoberfest! I like both. But this weekend you can kick off your German Beer-loving celebrations in Brooklyn at the Radegast Hall & Biergarten. They've technically started their holiday drinking this past Tuesday, but the big event that you want to get your bum to is the Pig Roast this weekend! There will be traditional live music, a mug holding competition, the aforementioned roasting of swine and of course, some keg tapping! Admission is free, just pay as you go!

You like Lobstah? How about electronic music? And Brooklyn? GREAT! Then I've got the perfect thing for your Saturday: it's the 1st ever Lobstah Palooza, taking place at The Well in Brooklyn. Not only does your ticket get you entry to this music fest, but you'll also be getting some fresh-as-heck Maine Lobster served up with some super-tasty sides. And that music I mentioned? Provided for your enjoyment from Chemicals of Creation. And of course, being at The Well...there will be BOOZE!

Looking for more of that Latin flavor in your cuisine? Then look no further than Queens, for the annual Viva La Comida! Festival. Jackson Heights is going to be on full display with food and local boutique vendors from the streets of this ethnically rich neighborhood! You have over 30 places to peruse and the majority of them do have food, so come hungry! There's no tickets to buy, just make your way to 82nd Street & Roosevelt between 4-10pm, and get your comida on!

The Tangled Vine specializes in wine and food together. And I'm not just saying that from an outsider's perspective, I know a few people who do and have worked for this great UWS spot. They've told me of their studious efforts to keep up with the evolving wine list. Well, this month they're offering weekly wine tastings to highlight the various wine regions around the world. September is France, and this weekend is all about the Rhone Valley (one of my faves!) The tasting is from 5-7pm and you can book your spot by calling: (646) 863.3896 or emailing:


Photo Credit: Remember Forever

One of the many great companies that I've had the pleasure to work with is Remember Forever Photography. They offer a variety of courses in the art of capturing life's moments on...memory cards? Clearly I'm out of touch, cuz I wanted to say film. Anyway, this weekend they're delving into the world of FOOD! And because they love their foodies, they're extending a discount your way! If you're interested in signing up for this 3-hour course at Agozar, you can use the code YUMMYPHOTOS when you book online or over the phone: (646) 736-3231 for $10 off. Did I mention you'll get to eat the food you shoot after? Oh, yeah, you do! Spaces are limited so book ASAP!

That's a lot right? But wait...there's more! If you haven't given yourself the time to wander around the streets of Brooklyn's Northside (Williamsburg, Greenpoint), then you can hit it all up this Sunday at the Taste of the Northside event over at the East River State Park. You know enough about these Brooklyn hotspots to know there's gonna be food...REAL GOOD FOOD! Plus, proceeds from your tickets will go to the construction of the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center. Now go get your block party on!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="609,607"] Not sure what to do with your days in this time between March Madness and April Taxes? Here are some thoughts to occupy your days:

In an email from Justin Ferate I learned about the following exhibit, which should be very interesting. Going through time in New York's Rich History.

time and space

"The photography exhibition Time and Space on the Lower East Side is featured in this Sunday's New York Times, in print in the Metropolitan section, and online here:

26 images will be on exhibit at Dillon Gallery at 555 West 25th Street (Tenth/Eleventh Avenues) in Chelsea, opening this Thursday.  More information about the opening and the exhibition below. March 7 - April 9, 2013 Opening: Thursday, March 7, 6-8pm

Dillon Gallery 555 West 25th Street (Tenth/Eleventh Avenues) New York, NY 10001 <>"

ny drinks ny

Now if you're looking for something a little more liquid...try one of the many events for NY Drinks NY! Our up and coming Wine regions have a lot to offer, including the country's oldest winery (Brotherhood--where I'll be on Saturday, March 30th!). This month you can check out a wide array of events that celebrate these regions and their fermented grapes! Check out the line up and see what works for your calendar!


Lastly: Annual Lobster Roll Rumble Tickets go on sale TOMORROW!!!

You're gonna wanna have your finger on the mouse so you can hit refresh until you make your purchase, cuz these babies will go fast! And if you want to get in my good graces you'll buy me a ticket too! PRETTY PLEASE! The link isn't up until the email goes out, but you can see the save the date until it is.

"Tasting Table's 2013 Lobster Roll Rumble Mark your calendar: Tickets for the Lobster Roll Rumble go on sale next Wed., 3/20. Twenty lobster rolls from around the country will duke it out for the title of America's Best Lobster Roll. "

UPDATE: Buy your tickets today! And don't forget...I'll happily take a VIP pass, or just a general admin ticket.

'Tis The Season!

Thanksgiving Traditions

I had a revelation last night! (It wasn't a dream--plus I don't want to rip off Dr. King Jr) As I was lying in bed, attempting to get some sleep (of course, after staring at my computer screen for hours where I couldn't think clearly or creatively), I realized where I'd draw the inspiration from and focus for MY food tours. The seasons. I realize when it's said it sounds a little hokey, and perhaps even too broad, but I realize that is what is inspiring to me, and I think THAT is a great place to start.

Considering I'm trying to get this whole operation up and running for the holidays, I figured it couldn't be more appropriate. Especially as my conversation with a vendor yesterday made it clear to me (from my own words and thoughts even) that marketing the tours I've already got and those I look to creating will be simplest if taking advantage of the seasons in which they'll be most enjoyable/relevant!

Like most people, I do truly love the holiday season. Do I think that we start talking about it too early? Yes, but I would say that's now become true of most things. I mean, I noticed Sam Adams was selling their Oktoberfest beer as early as July/August! As far as my holiday tour is concerned, however, it's dependent upon things that don't operate until the appropriate time! Tried and true traditions that have been around for centuries, decades, or sometimes only a few years, but they don't come until after Thanksgiving, which is just right! Especially because I don't want to skip over Thanksgiving--I'm clearly into eating, so this is one of my favorite holidays!

With that said, I wanted to convey some of My favorite Thanksgiving holiday traditions and treats, and then next week I'll share my Christmastime faves. Please feel free to join in and add your own or share mine with others!

  1. I must start with Thanksgiving Eve. Here in NYC, it's known as the biggest party night of the year! Of course, I am not a club-going kind of gal. What I've been known to do in the past is hang in my old stomping grounds on the Upper West Side--sometimes I'll check out the balloons being blown up, with some spiked cider in tow...other times, I'll skip the crowds and hope to catch a glimpse of the floats making their way down Columbus and Amsterdam at the wee hours of the morning. Regardless of the planned activities, I almost always find a way to bump into other fellow Upper West Siders, which makes this evening reserved for reunions! In fact, this year one of these great gals has officially put together a reunion event at the restaurant where my sister works, so I'm looking forward to an evening of smiley drinky reunion!

  2. The food! It's all about the food! And while the turkey is the main event, we all know we REALLY love the sides. Whenever I cook Thanksgiving dinner, it means we're doing it at my parents' place. This is mostly due to capacity--my apartment is not really capable of hosting anything for more that 3 people, and there's no proper table to speak of. So, usually I leave my good Mother in charge of cooking the bird, as I'm not getting to their place that early...see #1 for the reasons as to why not. Planning is of great importance, however and I usually have already gotten all the necessary items to their place and I have some semblance of how I will stumble through the day in my hungover state. Lots of coffee is usually involved, and in the end we typically end up with a VERY tasty meal. I think the favorite thing I've made was the savory mushroom bread pudding...I know, right?! Even my mother, who's not that big into mushrooms loved it! I really need to do it again sometime. I also really liked the hazelnut butter that I made one year and incorporated into almost everything! Basically, I love the classics...with a twist! What's your favorite?

  3. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. OK, so we have plenty of parades here in the city, and while the Pride Parade and the Halloween Parade (tear, for Sandy making it impossible this year) are both fantastic displays of creativity and uninhibited love and joy, the only two parades that I watch a significant portion of every year are the Thanksgiving Day Parade and St. Patrick's Day...but check back in with me for that in March. Whether I'm at home or at my parent's place these will be on TV. And every Turkey Day the child inside of me comes out to watch with joy and memories of the times I've seen it in person (I've said I grew up on the Upper West Side, so it's really not that much of a challenge to get there---just requires waking up for it). It makes me feel like the holidays are really here.

  4. The National Dog Show. OK, so this has become tradition in the last 5-10 years for us. And it's all thanks to the great film: Best in Show. We watched this movie as a family and now we leave the dog show on after the parade, because it's just so great. No only can you imagine the characters from the movie to be real life people at these things, but the judges and their trainers are fun enough to watch on their own. Plus you get to see lots of adorable dogs. It should be noted, that other than this one show...I don't pay attention to these things at all. Sometimes, depending on the crowd, we'll even put the film on after the real thing is over. What can I say? We love to laugh.

  5. Wine. I love wine, and all things drinkable...ok MOST things. And when I took the Windows on the World Wine Course with Kevin Zraly, he made a great point that one should NOT bring the good stuff to holiday gatherings. Mostly, because people, in general, don't have enough of an appreciation to make the cost worth it. So, my standard wine to bring has become beaujolais nouveau. If you're unfamiliar, it's a French table wine that comes around this time of year only. You could try holding on to it, but it's not strong enough to last a long time. It's delicate and should be consumed with in weeks of purchase, if not days. To me it's the perfect Thanksgiving wine. It's a cheap (Under $10 usually), easy drinking red wine that pairs well with most traditional foods that find their way to your table on this day. The added benefit for me is that my family does actually appreciate quality, and my sister doesn't drink red wine, so it means I'm typically drinking it all on my own--but the gesture has still been made!

  6. Lastly, family. For me, holidays are just really an excuse to hang out with family. But I think the added pleasure about Thanksgiving...the thing that I'm truly Thankful for, is that you don't also have the stress of gift-giving. We just eat a lot, drink even more, and laugh about it all.

Well thanks for indulging me and my list of T-day traditions. Stay tuned for more ho-list-days, and if you're around NYC for one, with nothing to do, try one of my tours and perhaps you'll want to make it a tradition of your very own!